Taiir SleepCare

Taiir SleepCare is an innovative sleep and respiratory care solution designed to help you evaluate the quality of sleep and empower you to live a healthy life with the ability to sleep and breathe naturally. By monitoring blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate during your sleep, Taiir SleepCare can make a comprehensive analysis of medical indexes related to sleep apnea and hypopnea.

Taiir SleepCare is not only an exceptional tool for SAHS screening but also a partner to help you enjoying a better night’s sleep by providing healthcare guidelines.

Taiir SleepCare

Taiir SleepCare App

Taiir SleepCare a mobile app designed exclusively for Taiir Sleep&Respiratory Solution users.

Taiir SleepCare is available for:
Android: 4.4 and above.
Apple iOS: 8.0 and above.

Please search SleepCare+ on Google Play or App Store to install the App.

Taiir SleepCare Manual

Taiir SleepCare

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Taiir SleepCare

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